The Day of New Stuff: Sonance, SQLite, GOCBuilder

I’m checking in again with some status reports and two new pages on the site. First, I have decided to name my previously mentioned Remix player to Sonance. I am very happy to report that development is going very strong, and I hope to make the first public release by the end of this week. I came to the conclusion that redeveloping yet another GStreamer backend is futile. I have decided to use the GStreamer playback and metadata code from the RhythmBox project. I have also decided to use SQLite as the library database backend. I’ll post with more details when I make the first release.

I am also happy to report that I have written a small article on embedding SQLite within a GNU/Linux autobuild C project. Documentation was not to be found on this matter, and after spending a few hours tinkering with SQLite, I managed to embed the entire engine in Sonance.

Finally, because Sonance is growing rapidly, I was finding myself constantly copying and pasting GObject Class templates from other sources in the project, only to perform many search/replace actions on certain strings to create a new class framework. I decided to take a few hour break from Sonance, and write GObject Class Builder, a very small, ugly Glade/C hack to produce a basic GObject Class template, based on a few levels of input. I added GOCBuilder to my Anjuta Tool Set, and now it’s just a matter of Project|GObject Class Builder, and a few fields to generate a base GObject Class.

That’s all for now. I’ll write next when Sonance makes its debut!