Back to Business

My trip to Santa Barbara concluded yesterday as I arrived back in Raleigh at about 5 in the evening. The first flight, from Santa Barbara to Dallas was pleasant. It allowed me to get about an hour of sleep. From Dallas to Raleigh however was atrocious. It seems commonplace: I was sitting next to a loudly vocal toddler, who was also enjoying crawling on me. In the row behind me, there were three more babies/toddlers, all of whom were equally vocal, and came with the added bonus of the wonderful ability to kick my seat. The parents were obviously oblivious to their childrens’ actions, or maybe they thought it was cute.

I’ve noticed something odd. Since I started carrying my cell phone in that convenient little “change” pocket above/inside the normal front right pocket on most jeans, and having the phone vibrate before ringing, the muscle located right below where the phone sits spasms mildly at random times… and the phone isn’t vibrating. Very odd indeed.

I must get back to work – back into the flow of things, and catch up with life on the home front. I look forward to returning to Santa Barbara when the weather is better. 90% of the two weeks was spent indoors due to the massive rainfall, which lead to mild flooding and some mud slides. Oh well.