Remixing Life

After spending 24 hours in the air or in an airport, I finally arrived in Santa Barbara, California on Tuesday morning. I flew out of Raleigh (NC) at 3:30 to Chicago. My flight was delayed in Chicago by an hour. I arrived in Los Angeles at the same time my flight from LA departed for Santa Barbara. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. We sat on the tarmack for another 15 minutes. I checked in with American Airlines (AA) support/ticketing center at LAX. They were great. I had already been automatically rebooked on the first flight to SBA for the next morning (my original flight to SBA Monday night was the last one for that evening). AA gave me a hotel reservation for the LAX Marriott along with two meal vouchers! It was a painless process to get to my free room and then back to LAX the next morning. So, as of Tuesday morning, I’ve been having fun in California.

I haven’t yet managed to purchase a new laptop. I’m torn between three models. A Sharp Actius MM20, some ultra-mobile Sony Vaio, and… gulp… an Apple PowerBook (12″). I’m currently on a iBook G3, using OS X 10.3. I love it. There’s so much innovation in this operating system. I’m just not totally comfortable using it. Though it’s smooth and beautiful, it really does feel “closed” (as in source code). I’m installing XTools from Apple, which apparently include gcc and other open-source tools. If I do get a PowerBook, I’ll be putting a PPC Linux distro on it.

I think I like OS X so much because I see basically what’s coming to GNOME, and what I’d love to one day contribute. For example… I’d love to write Sherlock for GNOME.

I’ve also been enjoying playing with iTunes. This inspires me because I am in the middle of writing an ultra-powerful Music playback/library program for GNOME. iTunes has some of the features that I have in mind for my program, but I have much planned that isn’t implemented in iTunes.

I’ll be writing code like crazy when I return home, but for now, I’m relaxing in beautiful Carpinteria/Santa Barbara California.

Happy Holidays!