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Ekiga and Diamond

This evening I decided to try out the new Ekiga. The build was very easy, no hiccups. After testing SIP support, which has never worked for me in old GnomeMeeting, I became quite excited. I then signed up for a … Continue reading

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Bestest Desk Toy Evahhh

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Earthstink Highspeed Offline

Today I drew the line. And then scribbled all over it. And then I drew a straighter line, and I like that line. Warning: what follows is mostly rant material, but if you’re thinking about switching ISPs, you might want … Continue reading

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Two Ends of the Spectrum

So much has happened in my coffee world since my last post. Thanks to everyone who posted great insight. Currently, this is my situation: there are two coffee lovers in me. There’s the addict, who must have some form of … Continue reading

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Banshee 0.9.11

For those who enjoy beating a Banshee, 0.9.11 is out. I have set a new record for working through the night, and am set to retire for the evening of the 9th at nearly 7:00 on the morning of the … Continue reading

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On the Weekends: A Side of Web

I enjoy web-based design work quite a bit, at least in moderation, and find that dabbling in it over the weekends and on some not-so-busy evenings is a nice break from the normal cycle. I have been working mainly on … Continue reading

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Check out my New Hard Drive

I bought a 250GB EIDE drive about a month ago, before realizing I had no where to put it. One of these days I suppose I’ll build a SATA system, but for now I just swap various EIDE drives around. … Continue reading

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Socks are an investment in your feet

About six months ago I was shopping for some clothes, and came across this seemingly amazing bundle of socks. I was groping them for about 10 minutes in amazement before I realized, “I must have these.” Yesterday I bought four … Continue reading

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