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AmeriCone Dream – OR ELSE

Nation, if you love yourself, care about freedom, and support healthy cows, stop what you are doing, and go buy a truckload of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. AmeriCone Dream is now the only ice cream I won’t feel guilty about … Continue reading

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Harmony 880 Remote on Linux

A few weeks ago I bought the Harmony 880 Remote from Logitech. The thing is amazing. I cannot run my home theater without it now. You create an online profile and enter all your hardware from their database. Each hardware … Continue reading

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openSUSE Build Service

The openSUSE Build Service is really rocking. A lot of great effort has gone into it, and I hope it’s close to being more publicly open for new packagers. I tried a few weeks ago to start managing upstream Banshee … Continue reading

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Modern cars – they all look like electric shavers

Without any further delay, I bring you the Podcast plugin for Banshee, thanks to the arduous work of Mike Urbanski. Interested parties should definitely check it out and test. Banshee HEAD is required, so update your checkouts. The plugin code … Continue reading

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Free Airport WiFi?

So apparently RDU now offers free WiFi. Or at least some little food place does (ESSID ‘attwifi’ ). It’s a nice switch from the crappy $8,420/24-hr web-only-must-register WiFi they (and others) had before. There don’t seem to be any port … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Lately I had been noticing that my Linode was really slow. I’ve got a fairly decenty setup with 180MB dedicated RAM, but SpamAssassain was making it crawl. Half of my swap was taken up almost immediately on boot. To keep … Continue reading

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This world is coated in cheese

Last night I released Banshee 0.10.8. I started reworking how the player engines work last Monday. Access to the player engines are now fully abstracted so the interface is entirely passive. This means that plugins can now do anything in … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Lluis on the Stetic Add-In for MonoDevelop. This is truly awesome work! I checked out Stetic and MonoDevelop from Mono SVN last night and tried this out, and it works just as beautifully as it looks. Interested souls should … Continue reading

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I am on a quest

A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to have lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. My mission was clear: conqueror the 1 lb burger. Simple. It was amazing, and I am now on a quest for bigger, badder burgers. Perhaps … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0

I’m impressed. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and despite there being an insane amount instruction on the upgrade process, it went very smoothly, much to my surprise. I’m not sure how I feel about the WYSIWYG editor though. I … Continue reading

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