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Government Security System

As seen near the Boston Common.

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Yay, Creationism!

I must visit this museum in the very near future. We then venture into the recreation of the Garden of Eden, where we get to meet the Beastmaster himself. Here, a creatively covered up Adam pets the friendly animals of … Continue reading

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After 18 hours on the road on Saturday, I finally landed in Boston. My friend Connor and I left Raleigh at about 4:30 on Saturday morning, arrived in Wilmington, DE around 12:30 to eat lunch with my grandparents and take … Continue reading

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Something isn’t adding up

A few days ago I went around to websites for all the accounts I have that would require a change of address notification. I signed into my Nationwide insurance account to update the address on my policy, and tonight I … Continue reading

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Good times to ensue

May 31 – Move out of Raleigh apartment; move in with parents June 9 – Drive up to Boston with some friends June 11-15 – Hope my stuff is delivered from Raleigh; settle into new apartment June 21-24 – In … Continue reading

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Surfing the Tubes

Novell and EFF team on patent reform – Awesomeness “I think it’s fair to say that we’ve been talking a lot about patents within Novell in the last twelve months. More than we have in the past,” he said. Novell … Continue reading

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