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Government Security System

As seen near the Boston Common.

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Plugins, Addins, Extensions, oh my!

We are hard at work on the next generation of Banshee, and I’ll be posting details and juicy screencasts and screenshots soon. What I’m curious about now is what we should call Plugins in our UI. We use Mono.Addins in … Continue reading

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Stay Classy, Debian

In Benoît Dejean’s post today about Internet Explorer sucking, he recommends dropping Windows and instead switching to Iceweasel and Debian. I may be a little behind on the times here, but it was in his post that I first saw … Continue reading

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AmeriCone Dream – OR ELSE

Nation, if you love yourself, care about freedom, and support healthy cows, stop what you are doing, and go buy a truckload of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. AmeriCone Dream is now the only ice cream I won’t feel guilty about … Continue reading

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Only in America

Overheard from a waitress this evening at Trident in Boston: Patron: Is this pretty healthy? Waitress: Yeah, it’s pretty healthy — it comes with fries. Stay classy, Boston.

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I Care About the Issues!

Greatest new source of tech news to date: Stevey’s Tech News, Issue #1 Unfortunately, MyTube, which is implemented entirely in Ruby on Rails, is hitting a scaling barrier at peak usage hours, which are reportedly between midnight and 2am PST. … Continue reading

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On Miguel, the Part-Time Vegetarian

As one of your meat-eating and discriminating friends, I believe in you! (and I respect your strong convictions) Miguel eating a beef and barbecue sauce slathered burger. I think it had bacon on it too.

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Yay, Creationism!

I must visit this museum in the very near future. We then venture into the recreation of the Garden of Eden, where we get to meet the Beastmaster himself. Here, a creatively covered up Adam pets the friendly animals of … Continue reading

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Solids on a Plane

Maybe this little personal fridge can be modded to freeze liquids. It looks to be of acceptable carry-on size. Or maybe frozen-solid liquids are allowed to state change while in flight – the liquids can be flash frozen immediately prior … Continue reading

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Snakes in my muthafuckin’ livin’ room

Since early this evening, an insanely annoying bug (yes, one that can be classified biologically!) has been making outrageous amounts of noise close to the exterior wall of my office. At about 3:30 this morning, after having tried to fall … Continue reading

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