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Banshee in Summer of Code (Not)

Banshee was rejected from the Summer of Code, as was GStreamer. I’ll just echo that having GStreamer rejected came as a bit of a surprise, and it would be nice to have some kind of justification. Some of the projects … Continue reading

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Audio profile configuration for the masses

Welcome to the second part of the “Things you may not know about Banshee” series of posts, where I highlight some cool features about Banshee that have been introduced in the 0.11.x series. I’m making up for all the blogging … Continue reading

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openSUSE Build Service

The openSUSE Build Service is really rocking. A lot of great effort has gone into it, and I hope it’s close to being more publicly open for new packagers. I tried a few weeks ago to start managing upstream Banshee … Continue reading

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A smörgåsbord of text and an erratum

The History Channel Presents: gst-sharp On the heels of my last post regarding GStreamer C# bindings, Alp Toker, original author of the first generation gst-sharp binding, provided me with a little more history regarding his binding. “The ‘valiant effort’ to … Continue reading

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GStreamer C# Binding Update

As many may know, there was once a valiant attempt to bind GStreamer in C# a couple of years ago against 0.8. However, this binding was never complete and had a number of problems, but it was nonetheless promising. That … Continue reading

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GStreamer up the Banshee

Way down in native land… In the last couple of days, I’ve committed some shiny new GStreamer code to Banshee HEAD that has been “in the works” for quite some time (close to 4 months :-(). HEAD now features support … Continue reading

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