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Too much silence

October was a very busy month for me. It started out in Seattle at the Helix Summit at RealNetworks, moved immediately to the GNOME summit in Boston, and ended with the Mono Summit, also in Boston. I’ve so far only … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Lately I had been noticing that my Linode was really slow. I’ve got a fairly decenty setup with 180MB dedicated RAM, but SpamAssassain was making it crawl. Half of my swap was taken up almost immediately on boot. To keep … Continue reading

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I should be a stunt-car driver

I was on my way to get some lunch today, doing about 40 MPH in the jeep down a slight hill around a reasonably tight curve, over a small bridge that goes over the lake that is near by the … Continue reading

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New Blog, New Site

I’ve been wanting to re-do my entire web site for quite a few months now, but just haven’t had the time. To complicate things, my server runs PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1, which used to be a requirement for me … Continue reading

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Major Server Updates

I have moved everything to a brand new UML-based server! I am also in the process of updating some major components of the web site. Returning visitors should notice a new layout. If you are unable to access a page, … Continue reading

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Back to Business

My trip to Santa Barbara concluded yesterday as I arrived back in Raleigh at about 5 in the evening. The first flight, from Santa Barbara to Dallas was pleasant. It allowed me to get about an hour of sleep. From … Continue reading

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Remixing Life

After spending 24 hours in the air or in an airport, I finally arrived in Santa Barbara, California on Tuesday morning. I flew out of Raleigh (NC) at 3:30 to Chicago. My flight was delayed in Chicago by an hour. … Continue reading

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