Caught in the act

I could not believe my eyes as I covertly snapped this photo, just a block from the Fataga Hotel.

GNOME Art is fueled by McDonalds

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7 Responses to Caught in the act

  1. Igor says:

    more part-time vegetarians?

  2. Nick says:

    hbons! I expected better

  3. That is not me!

  4. Hylke says:

    I just had a coke! I’m innocent! :)

  5. DeeJay1 says:

    Hey, it’s still better food than in the cantine at LGM’08 ;)

  6. Hahaha. The faces!

  7. behdad says:

    I was also walking by, saw them and thought WOW. Then, hungover still, grabbed a Big Mac myself and joined them for the fun :P.

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