From Scott, the new New Zealander

Banshee, Bitches
As received in an email from Scott. Awesomeness.


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15 Responses to From Scott, the new New Zealander

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  2. zombiepig says:

    upnp server from banshee? nice! Where can we find more info about this?

    (You should steal the rhythmbox idea of setting the upnp icon as the current user’s gnome account picture ;)

  3. tretle says:

    nice :D

  4. Miguel de Icaza says:

    I want it.


    URL ME!

  5. Killerkiwi says:

    +1 for nz

  6. Miguel de Icaza says:

    The source code is on the Mono SVN, on mono-upnp module.

  7. Matthew says:

    +2 for NZ

  8. Michael says:

    Hehe nice :)

  9. Alex Hixon says:

    ‘dem crazy Kiwis. ;)

  10. Stuart Crouch says:

    Does it transcode?

    Otherwise I’ll stick with Rhythmbox (because of the connect to DAAP share) and mediatomb coz it transcodes.
    Actually whilst I’m here I’ll add the force a DAAP connection as a feature request to your bug tracker :)

    It does look like banshee is creeping closer to becoming the ultimate media software though.. nice work :P

  11. Now the only question is why use the clumsy ps3 interface :)

  12. Zeeshan Ali says:

    Cool! What UPnP framework does it use?

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