Banshee 1.2.1 out in the wild!

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Well Internets, it’s been two weeks since the last Banshee release – one packed with an impressive array of features and fixes. And so it is with immense pleasure that we present today a follow up release with many notable fixes, some love and polish, and lots of translation updates!

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This release is mostly a maintenance update with 25 fixed bugs, lots of updated translations, and a few small enhancements that we’re sure will please:

  • Drag and drop albums or artists from the browser
  • New import source to aid in importing videos from your camera
  • Show cover art in Now Playing
  • Pressing play will play the first track selected if nothing is loaded
  • Pressing o on a track selection behaves the same as pressing enter
  • Include never-played tracks when querying against last played (e.g. played>"2 days ago")
  • Prefer cover art named cover/folder/front.jpg over other image files

Read the release notes for the full scoop, and download it now!

Packages are of course already available for openSUSE 11.0 and 10.3, and the other distributions will follow shortly, including Foresight, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Mandriva!

We’ll blog soon about what’s to come next, but expect another point release within the next couple of weeks. A super big thanks to all those who have contributed: translators, patchers, bug hunters, reviewers, testers, and enthusiastic users alike!

Enjoy! For now…

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11 Responses to Banshee 1.2.1 out in the wild!

  1. MÃ¥rten Woxberg says:

    I guess it stills sorts album by artist so that compilations get all messed up?

  2. @MÃ¥rten: actually, no. If you have properly tagged your collection (which you can do in our track editor), the 1.2.0 release added album-artist sorting for various/compilation albums. That is, you need to have the album-artist tag set, not just the track-artist tag set.

  3. tretle says:

    Good work, this was a solid release, I especially love the ability to drag and drop albums as I always leave syncing the ipod to the last minute and having to click on the album and then a track and then select all every time got a bit tedious. Looking forward to future releases and what they might hold, telepathy integration would be interesting and maybe conduit integration now that it has been blessed as an external dependency for 2.24.
    Anyways great work. If your ever in Ireland I will buy you a beer :D

  4. tim says:

    @Aaron: when i tried 1.2.0, compilations with say 12 different artists would still have 12 different entries under the artists browser. is there a way to consolidate them under a single artist named ‘Various Artists’ or ‘Compilations’.

  5. tim says:

    oh, forgot to say great job to the banshee team. banshee is the best full featured media manager on linux. :)

  6. @tim: read my response to MÃ¥rten. You need to set the Album Artist tag in your tracks.

    Select the songs that are part of the various/compilation album, right click the selection and open the track editor. Set the Album Artist tag to “Various” or whatever is fitting, and synchronize (there’s a little copy button next to the text entry) that value across all tracks in the selection. Then save.

  7. Erik Andrén says:

    The biggest showstopper for me right now is that I still haven’t found a way to resolve inconsistencies between the banshee database and the folder with my music in it.
    I moved a lot of music from one disk to another and am now stuck with duplicate entries where one entry doesn’t exist. Banshee _needs_ to regularly check if all files still are valid. If that’s impossible then at least a button somewhere to manually rescan all imported folders.

    Thanks for all your hard work,

  8. tim says:

    @aaron, sorry if i wasn’t clear enough. here’s a screenshot of what i was trying to explain.

    is there a way to sort the artist browser by ‘album artist’ instead of ‘track artist’?

  9. Stephan says:

    Is Banshee supposed to be able to synch play lists to iPods? For me, it syncs all music and movies just fine… but when I drag a playlist to the device in banshee, the songs move over, but the palylist does not appear in the iPod. Is this a feature to be or am I just not using it right?

  10. mudfly says:

    hey you mocked me on Digg, I left the comment about mono tainting my linux. I just want you to know I laughed and responded to you there. No hard feelings, I know I was being a dick.


  11. mike says:

    tim’s problem is still valid with 1.2.1 and a big issue imho.

    Make that a gconf-entry-option at least please.

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