Banshee and openSUSE 11

I had the privilege this morning of being the guest “speaker” for the multimedia-themed openSUSE GNOME community meeting where I discussed some of the high level plans for the future of Banshee and what that may mean for openSUSE 11.

I discussed the incredible performance and memory usage improvements, the new model/view, the album/artist browser, the playback queue, our fantastic new Xesam-based search and smart playlist infrastructure, and so on.

As a result of feedback from the meeting, I wrote a guide for building Banshee from trunk on openSUSE 10.3+.

And here are some related links:

And of course, if you’re interested in making your voice count in openSUSE, please join the meetings!

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2 Responses to Banshee and openSUSE 11

  1. We should probably add Banshee to, but I am not sure in which category I should put it, or where to put code pointers for Hyena etc.

    Anyways, keep rocking!

  2. Can you access the search capability from outside of Banshee, too? I’m thinking of a Deskbar-Applet plugin.

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