How could I forget?

It was brought to my attention this evening that something rather critical was missing from my Banshee 0.13.2 release blog entry.

dude a release blog without a 1-click link is like coffee without caffeine
–Larry Ewing

So without further ado…

openSUSE Logo
1-Click Install
for openSUSE 10.3

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5 Responses to How could I forget?

  1. James Ogley says:

    Smooth move adding a 1-click link, you might want to use the button below instead:

  2. What does that make a System without “1-Click Install” ? ;)

  3. @James: haha, thanks, we’ll need to update the wiki anyway

    @Johannes: clearly it means you should be using the latest openSUSE :)

  4. Brian Nickel says:

    The 1-click isn’t installing NDesk.Dbus, causing podsleuth to fail.

  5. man says:

    Why does noonne of the “mono-using-application-developers, who themselves use SuSe” post links in “apt://” style for Ubuntu-Users to also have 1-Click?

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