Stay Classy, Debian

In Benoît Dejean’s post today about Internet Explorer sucking, he recommends dropping Windows and instead switching to Iceweasel and Debian.

I may be a little behind on the times here, but it was in his post that I first saw the Iceweasel logo. While it’s graphically hideous, I kept thinking, “That weasel is humping the earth. I feel soiled.” So I went to the Iceweasel web site, a fine marketing tool for this revolutionary browser, and nearly fell out of my chair when I read the introductory text to the project:

In the spirit of the dancing kame, if you were running Iceweasel, the weasel would be humping!

But it gets even better. Stay. Classy. Debian. The l33t terminal display is hawt too. Nice touch with the blinking cursor.

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8 Responses to Stay Classy, Debian

  1. adam says:

    haha that r0x

    you do realize that as you published this the random flickr shots has one your dogs humping the other right?

  2. Evan says:

    My normal browser is epiphany, but I fired up Iceweasel just to see, and get a link to, the humping graphic.

  3. @Adam: hahaha. That is awesome. That was my friend’s dog humping my dog a few years ago.

  4. svena says:

    That’s actually not the current Iceweasel logo. It looks like this now. Not that either logo is very appealing…

  5. @svena: wow, that’s awful. I like the humping one better.

  6. Jonas says:

    Troll. is not really affiliated with the Debian project in any meaningful way.

    Kindly stop talking. Now.

  7. Andrea says:

    IIRC there was a compromise on the humping, so the current icon is this one

  8. @Jonas: Awww. Looks like someone was offended! You might have a problem when people from the community advocate using Debian and Iceweasel by displaying the icon in question. It’s all about appearances my friend.

    @Andrea: I guess it’s good they came to their senses. It still looks atrocious. The name is ridiculous as well.

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