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Introducing PodSleuth

PodSleuth is a new project I started last May that aims to probe, identify, and expose properties and metadata bound to iPods. It obsoletes libipoddevice, which had the same goals, but due to many reasons ended up being a mess … Continue reading

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Stay Classy, Debian

In Benoît Dejean’s post today about Internet Explorer sucking, he recommends dropping Windows and instead switching to Iceweasel and Debian. I may be a little behind on the times here, but it was in his post that I first saw … Continue reading

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Dogfooding Banshee’s new iPod support

I would like to hold an impromptu bug day, with very short notice, focusing on iPod support on Wednesday, October 10th, starting at around 1PM Eastern time in #banshee on Gimpnet. I have tossed together some quick instructions on building … Continue reading

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Superhero Gabriel Burt joins Novell

Community member extraordinaire Gabriel Burt (“gabaug”), of Banshee, F-Spot, and many other fames, has joined the desktop team at Novell to help work on Banshee and general multimedia support in openSUSE and SLED! Gabriel has been an active and enthusiastic … Continue reading

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