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openSUSE 10.3 almost ready

We’ve been hard at work on openSUSE 10.3, to be released in a couple of weeks. RC1 marked the “transition point” for me. I’ve moved my main machines over to 10.3 RC1 from 10.2. It’s very nice to be running … Continue reading

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AmeriCone Dream – OR ELSE

Nation, if you love yourself, care about freedom, and support healthy cows, stop what you are doing, and go buy a truckload of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. AmeriCone Dream is now the only ice cream I won’t feel guilty about … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: load an M3U playlist

Tonight on #banshee, a user asked how to load an M3U playlist into the local queue feature of Banshee. This is an automatic source that is created when you start Banshee with files passed on the command line. Files can … Continue reading

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Only in America

Overheard from a waitress this evening at Trident in Boston: Patron: Is this pretty healthy? Waitress: Yeah, it’s pretty healthy — it comes with fries. Stay classy, Boston.

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I Care About the Issues!

Greatest new source of tech news to date: Stevey’s Tech News, Issue #1 Unfortunately, MyTube, which is implemented entirely in Ruby on Rails, is hitting a scaling barrier at peak usage hours, which are reportedly between midnight and 2am PST. … Continue reading

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