On Miguel, the Part-Time Vegetarian

As one of your meat-eating and discriminating friends, I believe in you! (and I respect your strong convictions)

Miguel, the part time vegitarian
Miguel eating a beef and barbecue sauce slathered burger. I think it had bacon on it too.

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4 Responses to On Miguel, the Part-Time Vegetarian

  1. brent says:

    who doesn’t love spike’s hotdogs?

  2. Miguel de Icaza says:

    Wow, so you have been to that place :-)

  3. Dave says:

    Who isn’t a part-time vegetarian? Even vegetarians are (not proper) part-time vegetarians. I give him a pass for helping me with my build error the other day.

  4. I think we’ll have to start obviously flagging posts as “ATTEMPT AT SUBTLE HUMOR FOLLOWS” :-)

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