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Banshee… on Windows

To continue with the theme, the elusive Fredrik the Great spent a night of hacking last week on getting Banshee to run under Windows. Banshee: coming soon to a Windows desktop near you I think his efforts were mainly out … Continue reading

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Banshee 0.11.7

I just released Banshee 0.11.7. Upstream sources are available from the Wiki release page and there are openSUSE packages for 10.1 (work on SLED 10 as well) and 10.2. If you’re running SUSE 10.1, SLED 10, or openSUSE 10.2, I’d … Continue reading

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Seriously, let’s make fonts not suck!

I was about to try to get some sleep, but honestly wasn’t feeling very tired (as usual) at around 2:30am eastern, and read Federico’s excellent GNOME Font post. I’ve always thought the desktop wide font configuration in GNOME was way … Continue reading

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