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Audio profile configuration for the masses

Welcome to the second part of the “Things you may not know about Banshee” series of posts, where I highlight some cool features about Banshee that have been introduced in the 0.11.x series. I’m making up for all the blogging … Continue reading

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Things you probably didn’t know about Banshee: Part 1

I have been a pretty quiet blogger for the last few months. This is due mostly to the extensive amount of work that has gone into Banshee during this time. After I would reach some milestone where blogging would be … Continue reading

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Banshee Community Forums now online

Today I finally set up the new Banshee Community Forums, following the lead of Jokosher. I’m not a fan of forums, but my opinion doesn’t really matter here and I hope they catch on in the ever-growing community of Banshee … Continue reading

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Banshee source tree reorganized… building in MonoDevelop

I spent the better part of today finally reorganizing the bulk of the source tree in Banshee. I’ve been blocking on the transition from GNOME CVS to Subversion for this moment, and things are now much more organized and clean. … Continue reading

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