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Too much silence

October was a very busy month for me. It started out in Seattle at the Helix Summit at RealNetworks, moved immediately to the GNOME summit in Boston, and ended with the Mono Summit, also in Boston. I’ve so far only … Continue reading

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Cracking down on heap abuse (part 2)

Also during the Mono Summit, Ben ran mono –profile on Banshee and alerted me to the fact that taglib-sharp was seriously abusing the heap. I had known it was less than optimal, knew about where the issue was, and knew … Continue reading

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Cracking down on heap abuse (part 1)

Last week during the Mono Summit, we discovered a few memory and performance issues. Apparently every System.Type returned by System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes() is effectively leaked, never to be GCed. Making this call on assemblies with many types can be quite a detrimental … Continue reading

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