Banshee 0.10.5: Heart Attack Fries

This just in: moments ago Banshee 0.10.5 hit the server. Nothing major in terms of features. The new database layer is pretty sexy though. All queries are queued and processed on a single thread, so locking is no longer a potential issue. Also, a new official plugin, by Danilo Reinhardt, was added that allows for special multimedia key support, configurable through the Gnome keyboard shortcuts capplet. As always, the scandalous details are in the release notes.

I noticed today that the Banshee group has grown to 125 members. Not bad for ~1.5 months. Sweet.

Photo of Heart Attack Fries

Fries, liquid cheddar, cut up burger, bacon, grilled onions… mmmmmm.

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8 Responses to Banshee 0.10.5: Heart Attack Fries

  1. Tom says:

    This rocks!!
    If it only had a artist/album browser like rhythmbox… :/

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    Dude…. those fries look KILLER! Mmmm… fat overdose


  3. I’ve just installed banshee 0.10.5 (gentoo devs rock ;) ) and I’ve seen the “new” simple menu (

    I just wont to say thank you ;)

    PS: And when you put the browser into banshee I will say you “I love you” and I will attach you poster in my room’s wall LOL :)

  4. Luca Matteis says:

    Dude that thing is dusgusting

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  7. Tyler says:

    Dude!!!Thats Nasty who would eat that nasty crap

  8. cj uppal says:

    THat looks absolutely disgusting. Would never eat that because it would make me sick.

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