WordPress 2.0

I’m impressed. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and despite there being an insane amount instruction on the upgrade process, it went very smoothly, much to my surprise. I’m not sure how I feel about the WYSIWYG editor though. I just hope it lets me type my own XHTML and not escape all my tags.

On Friday the cable dude came to hook me up with a more reliable and faster connection to the outside world. It’s pretty awesome. Again, I’m impressed.

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4 Responses to WordPress 2.0

  1. Aegir says:

    Eeigh, I disabled the wysiwyg editor, it was a hassle.

  2. Tim says:

    The WYSIWYG editor implementation is spectacularly borked, too – on saving, it goes through replacing all your ‘p’ tags with \n\n , just so that the WordPress auto-paragraph function can add the ‘p’ tags back in. Which is fine, as long as you don’t use blockquotes, or try and use ‘ins’ as a block-level element, or anything slightly complicated which the wp-autop function might not understand. I spent some time digging in the sources and got it working in a more-or-less sane way, but it’s still pretty fragile. You can disable the WYSIWYG editor on your ‘Profile’ page.

  3. WYSIWYG editor is now disabled. I wouldn’t have used it for what it is, so I’m glad to avoid its issues. Thanks!

  4. Craig says:

    heh… that’s not too many instructions… ever tried installing gentoo?? that’s painful…

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