Bestest Desk Toy Evahhh


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5 Responses to Bestest Desk Toy Evahhh

  1. Mark Duncan says:

    /me scratches head

    What is it?

    Oh, and they found the tunnel…

  2. Jason says:

    Lucky bastard! :)

  3. Geomags!! Been kidding with those for months now ;-)

  4. I’ve had these for about a month, and they’re awesome. My only complaint is that I wish there were lengths suitable for diagonals to allow creation of sturdy cubic shapes. Of course, the size of the balls would need to be increased slightly.

  5. flickerfly says:

    neat! I’ve only seen brightly colored sets, but I really like your all chrome set.I’d like to get a large collection of these so I can make really big things.

    I also found the lack of diagonal lengths to be somewhat limiting.

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