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I should be a stunt-car driver

I was on my way to get some lunch today, doing about 40 MPH in the jeep down a slight hill around a reasonably tight curve, over a small bridge that goes over the lake that is near by the … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0

I’m impressed. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and despite there being an insane amount instruction on the upgrade process, it went very smoothly, much to my surprise. I’m not sure how I feel about the WYSIWYG editor though. I … Continue reading

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Ekiga and Diamond

This evening I decided to try out the new Ekiga. The build was very easy, no hiccups. After testing SIP support, which has never worked for me in old GnomeMeeting, I became quite excited. I then signed up for a … Continue reading

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Bestest Desk Toy Evahhh

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Earthstink Highspeed Offline

Today I drew the line. And then scribbled all over it. And then I drew a straighter line, and I like that line. Warning: what follows is mostly rant material, but if you’re thinking about switching ISPs, you might want … Continue reading

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Banshee 0.10.4

I just released Banshee 0.10.4. It features a snazzy new plugin system, the first four official (awesome) plugins, better source management, and other stuff that I mostly wrote about a week ago. No sense in repeating myself too much though: … Continue reading

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Network TV needs more Walker, Texas Ranger [1]

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. So here’s a long one to document some of the latest Banshee happenings. Banshee Core Updated plugin architecture, complete with a plugin management and configuration dialog. Sources have … Continue reading

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