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Two Ends of the Spectrum

So much has happened in my coffee world since my last post. Thanks to everyone who posted great insight. Currently, this is my situation: there are two coffee lovers in me. There’s the addict, who must have some form of … Continue reading

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Please Cool Off

Wake up in the morning. Fill coffee pot with water. Pour water in coffee maker. Put two scoops of ground coffee in filter. Place filter in coffee maker. Turn on coffee maker. Wait 10 minutes for coffee to brew. Pour … Continue reading

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We must have universal DAP support!

Over the last few months there have been many requests for Banshee to support Digital Audio Players (DAPs) other than the iPod. Support for the iPod was initially most important: like it or not, the iPod has somewhere close to … Continue reading

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Banshee – My iPods think I’m Hawt

No, really, they do. They also recommend building Banshee, which has three major fixes, two of which are iPod fixes that make syncing work without crashing (huh, what a concept). Also some minor UI tweaks to make things look … Continue reading

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Banshee 0.9.11

For those who enjoy beating a Banshee, 0.9.11 is out. I have set a new record for working through the night, and am set to retire for the evening of the 9th at nearly 7:00 on the morning of the … Continue reading

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On the Weekends: A Side of Web

I enjoy web-based design work quite a bit, at least in moderation, and find that dabbling in it over the weekends and on some not-so-busy evenings is a nice break from the normal cycle. I have been working mainly on … Continue reading

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Check out my New Hard Drive

I bought a 250GB EIDE drive about a month ago, before realizing I had no where to put it. One of these days I suppose I’ll build a SATA system, but for now I just swap various EIDE drives around. … Continue reading

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Wake Up with Bash

Like so many, I have problems sleeping… and waking up. While I’m not sure what to do about making myself fall asleep faster (the mind just won’t turn off), I am now using this method of waking myself up. It … Continue reading

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