Socks are an investment in your feet

About six months ago I was shopping for some clothes, and came across this seemingly amazing bundle of socks. I was groping them for about 10 minutes in amazement before I realized, “I must have these.” Yesterday I bought four more bundles (three pair in a bundle), as the trial bundle is still holding up. Quite simply, they are just amazing socks. Made from 81% Duraspun (R) Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 1% Polyester, and 1% Lycra (R) Spandex… these socks are not ordinary socks. They mold to your feet, and provide great support and comfort. I’ve never been so happy over a sock.

The amazing socks

While more expensive than most socks, these socks far outlast traditional socks which break down over a few months. It’s been 6 months with the trial pairs, and they’re still just as sturdy as they were the day I purchased them. I now have fifteen pairs of these amazing feet jackets, and they’re worth every penny.

What’s really insane is that they come with a one year warranty.

Socks with a warranty

Nothing says “you care” to your feet like a great pair of socks.

So what are they? Why none other than New Balance DuraSpun Performance Allsport Acrylic Socks. I highly recommend them. I got them on sale too!

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11 Responses to Socks are an investment in your feet

  1. IM says:

    Mmmm. Moldy feet.

  2. cs says:

    i don’t know…
    but putting your feet into socks made 100% of plastics seems like a very bad investment to me.

  3. You’d think that’d be the case, but it simply isn’t true. They’re soooo soft and comfortable.

  4. grumpY! says:

    as a long-time marathoner and trail runner of course i agree that spending money on socks is smart. some notes:

    - smartwool socks compete very favorably with synthetics in my opinion. their trail socks i rate as superior.

    - performance socks last longer when you only wear them running. after a year or so they can go into the day-use pile.

    - thin is in! i actively avoid thicker performance socks for road work now (only for trails). wrightsock makes some great ultra-thins.

  5. Some dude says:

    Do your feet get hot and sweaty in them? Plastic can be comfortable but after a while…

  6. Nope, feet don’t get sweaty at all. For 12+ hours without taking the shoes off. As for thin: these are mixed. Good padding in the heel and the toe, and thin everywhere else. They breathe really well too.

  7. If Banshee gets renamed again to DuraSpun…

  8. If Banshee gets renamed again to DuraSpun…

  9. rezzrovv says:

    If I were rich, I would have new socks everyday and would never wear a pair twice. Perhaps with these socks, I won’t have to be rich.

  10. Carlos says:

    aaron, i’m amazed……. you’ve amazed me yet again. a thread about those damn socks we went and you insisted i buy! GOD! are they really that good?

  11. Carlos, you do not understand. These socks have improved the quality of my life. Tomorrow we will get some lunch, and we will go sock shopping. You must experience these socks first hand. That’s the end of it. No debating.

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