Parallel Mono Installs

I am finally running a sane version of SUSE 10! Having been running Beta 2 for over a month, it feels good to be running a desktop that doesn’t make me feel like my laptop is 10 years old (Nautilus was buggy and sloooooww).

For the first time I now desire to keep the distro-provided Mono stack, but need newer tools from source to do my own development. Today I set up my development environment again, and documented having parallel mono stacks on the Mono Wiki.

This is just a basic environment setup, so if anyone has some nice tweaks for their own parallel environments, please update the page!

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3 Responses to Parallel Mono Installs

  1. JHBuild might come in handy too for these kind of setup. I used this a while ago when running a second mono stack from SVN.

  2. KillerKiwi2005 says:

    Awesome, i’ve been trying to get a mono+gtksharp.cmg working for a while now hopefully this will help…….

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