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New Blog, New Site

I’ve been wanting to re-do my entire web site for quite a few months now, but just haven’t had the time. To complicate things, my server runs PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1, which used to be a requirement for me … Continue reading

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Mono Development Best Practices

After seeing much code over the past few months that uses some not-so-good practices (myself being the producer of some of the code that fell into one or two of these), today I started the Best Practices page on the … Continue reading

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Socks are an investment in your feet

About six months ago I was shopping for some clothes, and came across this seemingly amazing bundle of socks. I was groping them for about 10 minutes in amazement before I realized, “I must have these.” Yesterday I bought four … Continue reading

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njb-sharp: grabbing some more market-share

libnjb is a nice library that provides support for the Creative NOMAD, Creative Zen, and Dell Juke Box (NJB) music player devices. Supporting the iPod was first priority, given they are the most popular (various reports indicate around 90% for … Continue reading

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Banshee BOF Presentation

The Banshee presentation on Sunday went very well, and I was happily surprised to see so many in attendance. There was much participation, and some great ideas were tossed around and recorded. I’d like to thank Miguel for jumping in … Continue reading

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Banshee BOF at Summit

Due to fairly numerous requests and inquiries about Banshee and whether or not I’d be doing any kind of talk on it, I threw together a quick presentation, and would like to talk about it, some of its reusable components, … Continue reading

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Parallel Mono Installs

I am finally running a sane version of SUSE 10! Having been running Beta 2 for over a month, it feels good to be running a desktop that doesn’t make me feel like my laptop is 10 years old (Nautilus … Continue reading

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