I Just Want to Copy a CD!

It’s been over a month since my last entry, I think. I’ve intended to post something for a few weeks, but have been caught up in all things related to Banshee. Soon I’ll post some potentially interesting details regarding Banshee development. This post however, is for me to rant about CD Duplication in GNOME. Why is it such a difficult task?!

I haven’t needed to duplicate a CD for well over a year, or so that’s what my recollection says. So friend came over in desperate need of a copy of that other OS. My first reaction was laughter… I sure didn’t think I had a copy of that anywhere. After some digging through various dusty CD stacks however, I found a disk. Now to duplicate it: impossible. My first thought was to right click the disk in Nautilus, and select “Duplicate” or “Copy.” No such option. I then tried eroaster and xcdroast (ewwww): both don’t seem to like ATAPI at all, and insisted on SCSI emulation. I wasn’t going deal with that. It’s 2005. I was not going to stoop to the level of k3b either. Instead I hesitantly resorted to making an ISO with the ol’ trusty, but what should be completely unnecessary: dd if=/dev/hdc of=copy.iso. Once I had the ISO, Nautilus promptly offered to handle the later half of the chore and burn it to disk.

So we have had the “Burn ISO” feature in Nautilus for some time… why do we not have a “Copy Disk” option? The simple hack would be to write an ISO to a temp directory, and then use the Burn ISO feature to burn that temporary ISO. The better option would be to have CD->CD duplication (and maybe optionally CD->ISO->CD, as I can see CD->CD being an issue with some hardware). But we can at least easily do the ISO route.

Oh well, for now I’ve calmed down, and have a duplicated CD. But this is an issue I’d like to explore in the future, when I have solved the problem where an extra 5 hours is injected into the span of a day. I’ll give that task slightly higher priority.

Update: I take back 90% of this rant. Apparently the “Copy Disk” option is in the context menu for an optical drive in the Nautilus Computer window, but not on the Desktop context menu for the disk. So if the “Burn ISO” option is in both places… why isn’t the “Copy Disk” option?

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  1. ryan says:

    Open your “Computer”, right-click on the loaded CD, and then select “Copy CD”.

    You’re right though, it should be an option under the File menu as well.

  2. Daniel Borgmann says:

    “My first thought was to right click the disk in Nautilus, and select “Duplicate” or “Copy.” No such option.”

    Wasn’t that added in 2.12? I haven’t upgraded yet so I’m not sure, but I thought so…

  3. Outstanding… on the box on which I was trying to duplicate the CD, going to the “Computer” crashes nautilus (devel version of SuSE 10), but I just checked it under a Breezy box, and sure enough… “Copy CD.” Thanks!

    But yes, if the “Write Image” or “Burn ISO” menu option is on the disk menu for the Nautilus Desktop, why on earth is the “Copy Disk” option not there. Sigh.

  4. “But yes, if the “Write Image” or “Burn ISO” menu option is on the disk menu for the Nautilus Desktop, why on earth is the “Copy Disk” option not there. Sigh.”
    Because nautilus doesn’t allow to do that (and I also want to be able to d’n'd it on Totem, but it’s not possible either…).
    Please file a bug.

  5. Phil says:

    Well, I’m no KDE lover, but I must say k3b kicks arse. It’s the only KDE app I have installed.

  6. bmonnens says:

    Hey aaron,

    I had the same problem a couple a days ago. I’m ussing ubuntu and found in synaptic gnomebaker, you should check it out if your using ubuntu, it can’t get any easier than that imho.



  7. JanC says:

    Well, I think Graveman is easier than Gnomebaker… ;)

  8. I had forgotten about Gnomebaker, and am just now looking into Graveman… but my point is that this basic CD burning functionality is not very well exposed in the most prominent of applications in GNOME: Nautilus.

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