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CD TOC Reading in Mono

I had been getting bug reports that Banshee was not properly querying CDDB for track information on some discs. After some investigation, these discs turn out to be multi-session discs containing audio and data. It turns out that GStreamer (gstreamer-cdparanoia) … Continue reading

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Clearly, I am Missing Something

“Join the Race to Linux for a chance to win an xBox 360!” … what? Maybe misread that. Nope. I’m sorry, but that’s just a little ironic. Maybe they mean an xBox 360 pre-installed with Linux? No, probably not. I … Continue reading

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It must be rocket science…

So I’m sitting here writing some generic “unhandled exception” code to display a dialog box in case Banshee throws up, as it’s better to have some kind of indication that it’s sick, than nothing at all. Along with the exception … Continue reading

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GStreamer Voice Recorder in Mono

A few weeks ago Larry and I were talking about adding voice memos to photos in F-Spot. So last night, having trouble getting to sleep, I started hacking on a simple audio source recorder for GStreamer. I’ve now got a … Continue reading

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I Just Want to Copy a CD!

It’s been over a month since my last entry, I think. I’ve intended to post something for a few weeks, but have been caught up in all things related to Banshee. Soon I’ll post some potentially interesting details regarding Banshee … Continue reading

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