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entagged-sharp vs. GStreamer

I finished rolling entagged-sharp into Sonance today after doing some more API work on entagged-sharp, thus replacing GStreamer for metadata collection. Sonance uses a metadata parser to collect metadata for songs not in its database. I deleted my library, and … Continue reading

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entagged-sharp, ipod-sharp, g-v-m

The last couple of weeks have been so busy, and have really flown by. It’s amazing how things are coming together with Sonance and related projects. There are two in particular that I’d like to mention. ipod-sharp, started by Snorp, … Continue reading

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iPod Support in GNOME… and Lightning!

So the last day or so has consisted of porting the lower-level iPod device detection code that I wrote in C# down to C so that it can be directly integrated into gnome-volume-manager. It’s all GObject/C, so I’ll be using … Continue reading

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iPod Work

I started working on a generic iPod device class that provides lots of information about the iPod and will work with Snorp’s ipod-sharp. It provides things like the name of the iPod (not the volume name, but the assigned name), … Continue reading

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